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select The tulip book of P. Cos, with beautiful pictures of 17th century tulips. The Tulip Book of P. Cos, has been deemed an outstanding Web site by the Webcrawler Select Editorial Team and has been chosen as one of the Selections for the Scout Report (December 13, 1996).
Hoe ecologisch kan de landbouw worden? Proceedings of the AB-DLO symposium on ecological agriculture d.d. 21 November 1995 (in Dutch).

Milieumeetlat – data on the environmental impact of pesticides.
KAP – Programme for the Quality of Agricultural Products. KAP runs a database fed from several monitoring programmes on residues and contaminants in agricultural products.
Gewasbeschermingskennisbank (GBK) (in Dutch), a database on plant protection in the Netherlands.
Notaris Amsterdam (in Dutch), a reference to Dutch Notary law
ARTIK (in Dutch)
A database with bibliographic descriptions of all articles in 120 professional journals in the field of agriculture, environment, soil, fisheries and human nutrition. The emphasis lies on the Dutch and West European regions
Land-Soil-Water, a database containing bibliographic descriptions of journal articles and book chapters on environmental planning and management of rural areas
Hydrotheek, a database containing bibliographic descriptions of all publications dealing with hydrology, water management, ecology and sewage purification written by persons working in the Netherlands. The Hydrotheek is one of the activities of the Foundation for Applied Water Research (STOWA).
Home Economics database, bibliographic descriptions of articles in the field of home economics, family studies and consumer sciences.
Database Gender Studies in Agriculture, bibliographic descriptions of articles in the field of gender studies, labor and health issues, all related to agriculture and rural development.
FAO publications at Wageningen UR Library, a bibliographic database of FAO publications from the microfiche collection at WAU Library
Bibliographic descriptions of literature on environmental issues (in Dutch).
Wageningen University watermanagement publications for Den Haag, put together by Loodgieters Den Haag and containing references to all books, articles, dissertations, reports and abstracts authored by Wageningen University staff from 1986 onwards.
DLO-NL publications database, containing publications authored from 1995 onwards by the research staff of the 12 Research Institutes within DLO-NL.
Wageningen Dissertation Abstracts, bibliographic descriptions of all theses originating from Wageningen University from 1918 to the present. Abstracts have been added to most records.
Wageningen@ccess – access to SilverPlatter databases for companies and organisations in the Netherlands.

DRYADE, a databank of ornamental trees (in Dutch)
PROSEA on CD-ROM, data on over 1500 useful plants from South-East Asia
LKN, a landscape-ecological atlas of the Netherlands (in Dutch)

ISOBAS – a range of products for library automation based on the MINISIS data base system.